Pickle It

Pickle your foods to make them last longer!

Pickle Barrel:

– Allows pickling of food
– Craftable on the Science Machine in the Food tab
– Takes 1.5 days to fully pickle food
– Currently pickles: beet, berries, cabbage, carrot, corn, cucumber, eggplant, egg, fish, mushroom, onion, pigs foot, pumpkin, radish, watermelon

New vegetables:

– Added: beet, cabbage, cucumber, onion, potato, radish
– Grow on farms
– Have a random chance of growing from generic seeds (except potato)
– Can be fed to birds for veggie-specific seeds (except potato)
– Potatoes are grown on farms by planting potatoes (not seeds). Harvesting potatoes from a farm will yield 1-3 potatoes.
– Can be cooked on a fire for the cooked version of each veggie
– Beets, onions, potatoes, and radishes grow wild in the world (Pickle It needs to be active at world gen)
– Wild potatoes must be dug up with a Shovel

New items:

– Pigs feet: 1-2 dropped by pigs; can be cooked, dried, and pickled
– Pickle sword: craftable on the Science Machine in the Fight tab

We aim to balance the Pickle Barrel so that it isn’t overpowered. While it makes food last longer, there is a trade-off with the pickled versions of most foods.

Pickle It is compatible with the Reign of Giants DLC.

If you have any feedback or ideas, please leave a comment!

Check out this review of Pickle It (version 1.1) by SerJonSnow:

Don’t Starve Together version:

We ported Pickle It to Don’t Starve Together!


– If anything is invisible after installing the mod, try restarting the game.
– If you are getting a lot of pickled mush, make sure the food you put in the pickle barrel is not about to rot. Also, make sure you are trying to pickle foods that are picklable. Anything that isn’t picklable will result in pickled mush.

Author : Lecks, Cesspool, Xaben



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