Shaggy Mod:

Adds Shaggy from the cartoon series Scooby Doo (1969) into Don’t Starve. I find shaggy a nostalgic character from my past, and it would be great for me and other to have him avaidable for this game.

This Mod is drawn by me, and made into a mod for the players of Don’t Starve.
The art style of Shaggy is made into the art style of Don’t Starve and has custom voicelines.

Shaggy features (contains spoilers)

– Health: 120
– Hunger: 200
– Sanity: 60

– Starts with his good old pal “Chesty Boo”©

I want to thank the Don´t Starve team for the good support of uploading/creating mods to Don´t Starve, and congratulations with the chester plush kickstarter project! (it looks fantastic)
And special thanks to Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, for making the origional design of shaggy.
Don’t forget to have fun, and Don’t Starve out there!

Author : Zhiris


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