Animal Variety (DST)

Gives a little colour variety to various mobs in the game. Some are subtle, some are more obviously different. This change is purely cosmetic.

  • Thank you aquaterion[] for a lot of help with optimising the coding of this item.
  • Mobs should retain their colours on saving/loading.
  • Only brand new spawned mobs will have a chance at new colours, for example there will be no problems on a fresh world, but on an existing world you’d have to kill a pig and wait for a new one to spawn from the empty pig house to have a chance at a new colour.
  • This mod no longer overwrites game core files, shouldn’t clash with other mods (unless they change prefab builds).
  • Configuration options are now enabled! Choose which animals you want to see variety in.
  • Beefalo are still under consideration, since I’m trying to see if I can colours to say consistent during the domestication process.




Author : JustJasper 



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