Auto Actions – Full client mod

This mod will automatically equip the tool fit for the task at hand, and more to come.

Also, this is a client mod, which means that only you, the actual player, not any server, needs it. You can join ANY server and it’ll still be working.

A few examples of the mod’s features:
– Hold space and get everything done without removing your finger.
– If any tools are needed for a task and you don’t have it, the mod will automatically try to craft it for you.
– If enabled, you can re-fuel fires by right-clicking on the firepit.
– If you want a specific tool or weapon, mod or not, as your primary weapon, just equip it, hold down ctrl and press this mod’s settings menu button, then you will automatically equip that tool or weapon when you attack something.
– Hovering your mouse over tasks which requires tools you don’t have, will show a (Craft ****) option, which will craft the needed tool for you.
– If you have a nut from the same tree-type you are digging up a stump from, then it will replant the nut automatically.
– You can specify if you prefer normal or golden tools in the settings.
– Attack and enemy and it’ll equip your best weapon.
– Attack a critter and it’ll use a boomerang, if you have one. (Not on by default)
– Stand in the darkness and it’ll equip a light-source, if one exists in your inventory, but it can also craft one for you automatically. (Not on by default)

Do notice:
– If you assigned a tool or weapon as your primary and you disconnected, then you’ll have to reassign it.
– Holding space won’t dig up saplings, bushes and such, but can be overwritten by also holding down CTRL.
– You tool type(normal/golden) can be overwritten by holding the CTRL button and hovering over a task that needs a tool.
– It won’t automatically crafting nor show the crafting option, if you don’t have the required materials or knowledge(made a prototype).
– If you let go of space after having digged the stump up, then it’ll reset and won’t replant the tree.
– If you wish to attack with a specific weapon while the feature is on, just equip the desired weapon/tool before fighting.
– There’s in-game settings for the weapon, critter, etc. features, should you not wish to use them.
– Many of these functions are turned off by default, so you’ll have to click on Mods and configure the features as you want them.

List of mods automatically supported in the mod:
“[DST]-Scythes” – “Will equip a scythe to cut grass and such, if you have a scythe in your inventory.”

If any bugs comes up or there’s something you would like to get implemented, then leave a comment here and I’ll take a look at it.
Or if you have any ideas for improvements or compatibility with other mods, then feel free to post it too and I’ll see what I can do πŸ™‚

This mod is based on Auto-Equip, made by noobler, but has been fully modified, expanded and made into a client-mod by Jespercal (Me).


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Author : Dr. Chapman



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