Bronya – Dimension Breaker

Art: 魔法少女唐间竹子

Add some feature for seele MOD:
When seele MOD is enabled:
1. Supply crate will drop seele’s item.
2. All Bronya can read book now.
3. Bronya will get 10 exp when eating beet soup.
4. Currency in Seele MOD and Bronya MOD is interoperable.

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I need skill information of three other bronya to make English translation.

This character is from Chinese game Honkai Impact 3.
You can choose your language in mod configuration.

You can click following pictures to browse other bronya MOD.


”Project Bunny 19C, fire”

Health:100 + level*rank*5
Hunger:150 + level*rank*5
Sanity:100 + level*rank*5

level:0 at the beginning, 4 max
Tip: Killing creature that has more then 100 health or eating exp will get exp.
rank:S at the beginning, SSS max (A:rank = 0, SSS:rank = 3)
laser damage: 12/16/20/24/28 damage per second, last for 5 secnod at most.

Skill Button:

Z:Open Skill board
R:Laser attack
C:Shield defend
X:Use group skill
V:Use final skill

State UI

Overheat, skill state, exp will be shown in the game as follow:


Press and hold R to launch laser continually. Laser attack will increase heat, when overheat, you will be not able to launch laser until the heat is zero.
Attention: If you launch laser after turning, there may be a direction mistake because of network delay.

Press and hold C to shield defend, immune all damge from facing direction. Only when skill1 is ready can shield immune damage from epic monster.
Press X to use group skill:Lock target, make it suffer double damage.
Press V to use final skill:Project Bunny separates from character and attacks automatically. Reset overheating, last for 16 sec.

Skill Board:

Press Z to open/close skill board:


Crystal and Supply

Monster will drop crystal when dead, depending on the health it has. BOSS will drop supply crate and exp item as well.
You can use crystal to make supply crate or reset your skills in AiChan Tab.

Right click to use it, it will drop two items.
Supply crate will drop different bronya chips, click the avatar in skill board to consume corresponding chips to promotion.
Say something about AI chan  will increase your luck.
Chip break down/exchange system
Right click to break down chips. You will get some armor icon. You can use them to make chips and some useful item in AiChan Tab.

Author : 魔法少女唐间竹子,宵征



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