Chester Family

March 17th 2021

THE CHESTER FAMILY IS UP AND RUNNING!!! I kept the mod hidden over the weekend because when Klei released the hotfix on the 14th, it bugged out almost every single mod in the workshop, chester family included. During this downtime I took the time to update all the animations to match the newer chester animations, and also with the help of Serp I got the chesters to all have the ability to hop on boats.

Special thanks to Penguin and serp for helping me out!



And also from this point on, if a problem is persisting, then I will be ignoring any posts that do not have a log attached telling me IN THE CODE what is happening and your post will be deleted.


This mod adds in new chesters to the game, all have their own unique abilities and talents. They also all have their own drawbacks as well which helps level out the playing field so they arent maknig the game TOO easy for you. They are spawned on the map just like chester when the mod is enabled but you have to make a new map. Otherwise if you have a save you like, use my prefab list below to summon their respective eyebones.

Compatibility issues:
There seems to be a list of mods by Zarklord that don’t agree with the chester family. To help narrow down the specific ones EXACTLY, the one thing these mods have in common is they are all dependant on the [API]Gem Core mod. For me to fix this issue, it would require me to basically change the entire code of my mod, so that it would also rely on Gem Core.

Invincible Chester also causes issues(Which defeats the purpose of Dubster FYI). I recommend avoiding all mods that modify Chester unless it’s arca tumbulus which just adds morphs to regular chester. (SMALL EDIT: It seems there are now multiple versions of the invincible chester mod, so trial and error helps in picking out which one works with this)

Current Chesters available:
Blue Chester (Bluster)
Big Daddy
Party Chester (Dubster)

Currently working on:
I am working on a book for in game that discusses the uses of the Chester Family Members. I also am working on an inventory slot that will only let people carry one eyebone at a time. (Eyebone slot)

Chesters currently being worked on:
Stovester’s morph
Momma Chester: She repairs broken clothes over time. I’m by no means an expert in coding, but I’m going to figure this one out.
Pandester – He infects things with a disease, all your enemies will die of a plague.

The prefab debug list for the eyebones so you can manually spawn them in if you so choose:
Bluster: bluechester_eyebone
Big Daddy: bigdaddy_eyebone
Afester: afestertoy
Dubster: partybone
Cavester: glowbone
Stovester: ladle

I’d also like to bring attention to the character mod Elsa, because they used some of our code to make an olaf that follows elsa and acts a bit like a chester. Go give them some of the love too since Olaf may as well be considered a part of the family.

Author : kooky112 ,afetogbo


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