Adds Coach from Left 4 Dead 2 in Don’t Starve Together!

-Uses custom trumpet sounds from Left 4 Dead 2 as speech
-Scripted dialogue events for enemy kills, ghost revival and l4d item usage
-Recieves better stats from cooked foods (view here[])

Other workshop items that are supported by this mod include:
Wall Gates by Makoto
Deluxe Campfires by Fuzzy Logic
Deluxe Cooking Pot by JanKiwen
Honey Turf by Makoto
Extra Equip Slots by Hafiz Bistar
The Medic by CheeseNuggets
The Spy by CheeseNuggets
The Engineer by CheeseNuggets
The Scout by Cheese Nuggets

Special thanks to the forum users who’ve helped me with the coding (or who’s code I’ve utilized):
Hunger Artist
First Aid Kit dropping items upon healing
Preventing First Aid Kit crash
Iron Hunter
Announcement for First Aid Kit usage
Cheese Nuggets
Announcements for Kill Confirmations and Revival
Announcement for Pain Pill usage
Food Bonus Perk
First Aid Kit Extra Equip Slots compatibility

Known issues:
-Custom items are blank when drawn on minisigns
-Ghost eyes during revival are misplaced

Author : Eranthis 


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