Seele Vollerei

Seele Vollerei

You can change the language into English in the options.

Warning: Do not play this character alone, unless you are as lonely as me. If you have to, please get familiar with Seele first.

It could be quite interesting if Seele meets Bronya.

Art designer:魔法少女唐间竹子(咕噜猫)
Lord of pigeons:鸽子(乃木鸽子)
Thanks to:宵征大佬,希儿量子态的漂浮动作使用了他编写的函数。并且使用了板鸭的动画素材。

The swimsuit is in the wardrobe now! Enjoy the sea!

Remember to press “R” to examine the UI
This is quite a complex character. If you don’t want to read so many instructions, just learn how the state changes. Then you can enjoy the character.

The introductions are in the discussion.
The introductions are in the discussion.
The introductions are in the discussion.

Seele Vollerei

From mobile game [guns girlZ]

She’s a girl from orphanage, who loves fairy tales and her sister Bronya.
A scary experiment quantized her, and drive her away from the world.
Then ,she came to the world of don’t starve together. She has to live on.

About the character:
Seele can get experience by killing monsters, reading books and killing boss.
Raising her level would increase her hunger, health ,sanity and attack.
When her level is higher than 10, reading books wouldn’t give her experience.
When her level is higher than 20, killing monsters wouldn’t give her experience.
Her highest level is 30.

Seele has three states, but she’s blocked in [normal Seele] state in the first two days.

Quantum Seele:
Seele become mysterious, which means she could neither attack other creatures nor use tools. She couldn’t even make anything by herself.
However, in this state, Seele could move quite fast and could see at night. She could also read books.

Normal Seele:
This is how Seele really should be. She loves the world, she would make everyone around her increase sanity. She hate killing small animals. She loves reading books.

Killer Seele:
This is her other personality. She’s cruel, she’s powerful and swift, but being her would spend quite a lot of hunger and sanity. She hates fairy tales, so she could no longer benefit from the books.

How to change the state:
Seele is usually in the quantun state. When being chased by an enemy, or accompanied by a friend (including other player or pigmen) ,she’ll become normal state. Reading fairy tales also keep her away from quantum state for a while. I have to tell you, the last book [ball lightening] written by Liu cixin isn’t a fairy tale.
Without those help, she’ll become quantum state soon.

When seele is badly hurt (lost her health into 1/3), she’ll become the killer state. When she is will healed (her health become more than 4/5), she’ll turn back to the normal state. If she has little hunger or sanity left (less than 1/10), she ‘ll also turn back to the normal state.

When you get level 10, you’ll get the skill: Seele’s will (press Z to turn on/off)
After turning on , you’ll get a layer of ‘will’ per second. Each layer will increase your attack and decrease the damage you suffer. However, it’ll also spend you more hunger.
Each time you are hurt, the layer would be divided by half.
If you get more than 20 layers, you won’t lost sanity for fear of the night or the monsters.

When you get level 15, you’ll get the skill: Seele’s harmony (press X to turn on/off)
After turning on, you’ll spend other weapon instead of itself when you use your reaper or you magic box. Be careful, do not waste your precious weapons (including your books) by this skill.
The skill has another usage: when you fix your weapons or clothes by the abyssal crystal or tears, your attack will increase for a will. Tears would make this last longer.

When you get level 20, you’ll get the skill: Seele’s banquet
When you are beaten by a fatal attack ,you’ll evade it, but keep losing more health in 10 seconds. During this time, you’ll get stronger and each one you killed would heal you.
This CD would cool down for a whole day after being triggered.

Author : Rolfen,魔法少女唐间竹子,eatMew,bow-car


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